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Goizueta Business School
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DISCLAIMER: THESE CODES ARE DEPRECATED!!! New versions coming up soon...

  • Utilities

    •   Class with many useful utilities. Required by most classes below. NOTE: you should rename the file to Most of system utilities need to be adapted for non-*nix platforms.
    •   Quick and dirty class to download public filings from Edgar.
  • Interface with PostgresSQL

    The following are examples of how to use Python to access and manipulate data in PostgresSQL servers. I found the combination of Python and Postgres to be a great (open-source!) alternative to other commercial packages such as SAS. I put some instructions os how to setup Postgres in Ubuntu in a bash file.

    •   Python class to access and manipulate files in PostgreSQL. You can find an example of how to use this class here. NOTE: you have to rename the file to
    •   Example of how to use python to ease the backup of Postgres schemas in Linux.
    •  Example of how to use python to manipulate CRSP/Compustat tables in PostgreSQL.


  • winsor2.ado   Winsorizes the data by removing extreme observations.
  • byreg.ado   Just a wrapper for statsby to estimate regressions by varlist saving the results in a table.

  • vimrc   My vimrc file. Contains functions to compile LaTex files from VIM.
  • brenoDark.vim   My VIM color scheme (based on the Desert scheme)